Nok Nok Thailand

The Indians are coming! And far from circling the wagons, the Thais seem to be rolling out the red carpet.

India’s Free trade Agreement with Thailand is set to happen this year. Already, Thailand is among a bunch of neighbours that have instituted visa-on-arrival for Indians. And now, come the low-cost airlines. Nok Air the hitherto domestic Thai airline, has just gone international with the launch of its Bangalore-Bangkok flight. I did a random search for prices. In end July or early August a family of 4 can get return tickets from Bangalore to Bangkok at about Rs 39,000/-, which is lower cost than flying Bangalore – Delhi – Bangalore.

Given the broad parity in currency values, the low-cost of flights, the compelling prices of accommodation in various parts of Thailand & most importantly, the general tourist-friendliness of the place, I do expect the country to get a sustained increase in Indian tourist arrivals over the next few years.

Here is ad from Nok Air. Since it involves a puppy swallowing a credit card, I presume it is a good ad – cannot make out anything else, as it is in the Thai language.


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