Ever since I started a company I have been asked various questions about “entrepreneurship”. Stuff ranging from the usual “how-to” to “what-does-it-take-to” to ‘leadership attributes’. Here is my current answer to most of these questions : I have no clue.

This is what happened to me. I was at the top of some kind of a totem pole that circumstances had set up for me. I got there after a climb of 15 years, sometimes fun but sometimes not. I needed a break. Since I had always loved travel (as in the non-business kind), I decided it was time I gave myself a break and do something I like. The most cursory glance around told me that the only way I could do that was to initiate it myself. Nobody had a job for me that would allow me to do what I liked and get paid for it. So I decided to do it myself. One thing led to another and here I am, an entrepreneur.

So in my limited experience, the biggest catalyst required for entrepreneurship is serendipity. Having got into it, what do I think? I think entrepreneurship frees you from the shackles of “always running somebody else’s race” and allows you to “run your own race” (wonderfully wise words I got from one of my first investors, himself a successful first-generation entrepreneur).

I had’nt thought much about this thing called “entreprenuership” when I started; I still don’t. I want to do what I like& if the only way to do it is to start it myself, so be it.

Sorry guys – can’t really help you on this one. But I found 12 videos in Youtube with the tag ‘entrepeneurship”. So, if you still need to know, maybe you should click here.


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