Slow Travel

Next time. For me, these two words have saved many a trip from degenerating into catatonic nothingness. An initial experience was in Paris many years ago. I was a rookie on my first visit to Europe and with me was a person who had lived over a month in Paris & who wanted to help me “do Paris”. Phew. For two days we whizzed about from place to place, quickly glancing at a famous painting here and running through a famous garden there. (If you are old enough to remember Lil’ Dot and her Uncle Rush, you will get the picture). Anyway, it was on the 3rd day that I caught my breath, stood on the kerb and decided to become immobile. I wanted to “absorb” – I would see the remaining sights “next time”. After that my trip improved although the relationship quickly went downhill.

Slow travel is catching on across the world and is steadily creating inroads among Indians too. My friends in the trade tell me that the “10 nights / 12 country packaged tour” of Europe, so popular with many of us in the last few years, is slowly giving way to a more independant & leisurely form of travel.

Yes, let us not hurry. For, there is always the next time.

Here is a video of a bicycle trip – a great way to slow down & connect with the host land


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