Delhi 1

I lived 15 years in Delhi. My first memory of Delhi is of a very long, 3 hop flight from one of India’s smaller cities, driving past the swish boulevards of Chanakyapuri and discovering to my terrible teenage mortification that Indian fashion had moved away from bell-bottom trousers. Rocky start, if there ever was one.

In time, the city grew on me. I now know that there is nothing in the pantheon of basic human needs that Sarojini Nagar market along with its earthier neighbour Babu Market cannot provide. Or that some of the best prawns in the world are hawked in INA market. Or that DTC buses behave the way they do because DTC drivers can never fully transit from their Haryanvi heritage. Or that South Delhi matrons are just North Delhi matrons in clever disguise. Or that…

Yup, I am quite fond of Delhi, especially now that I dont live there.

The best book on Delhi is City of Djinns by William Dalrymple.

Here is a video of Delhi’s rail museum – I lived close to it for about 10 years.


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