Cruise city

(Here is an intro video of a one of the world’s largest cruise ships – not the one I was on)

I was on a big cruise ship on the busy Caribbean circuit last month. With almost 3500 guests & 1100 staff members and a power plant generating a massive 62 Megawatts, the thing is a veritable floating city. Facilities were appropriately over the top. 1800 rooms, 3 theatres with the largest seating 1400, 8 fine-dining restaurants, 3 swimming pools, a casino, spa, art auctions, golf lessons, duty free shopping, stand-up comics, the list goes on & on…

This was my first cruise – so here are the first impressions. Irrespective of the great number of blandishments on board, the real fun is in going ashore. As I had suspected all along, the idea of travel without connecting with alien cultures & people is not too much fun for me. Dont get me wrong – I loved the indulgent luxury of the ship. It is just that I cannot handle it for too many days.

But on the other hand, the plus points of your room moving with you as you travel to different places are hard to ignore. For instance, you can unpack and store away your stuff just once and then bother about it only when you are ready to disembark. For those of us weary of too many hotel room nights and packing/unpacking sessions, this is absolutely seductive.

Maybe, smaller cruise ships with a more intimate atmosphere and tailor-made shore itineraries are more my thing. For instance cruises by Seabourn & Silversea.


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