Dont CAir India (not my own line, copied from the TOI)

I cut some slack even before boarding. Having heard so many people brutally criticise our national carrier, I thought it needed a more sympathetic treatment. After boarding I cut some more slack – after all, you cannot treat the very old the same way as the very young. Then I cut even more slack out of a misplaced sense of nationalism. Then I lost it.

Yes, those people are right.  For all the various reasons we have heard in the past, Air India is a shambolic pretence of an airline. Which is why Zagat Survey regularly gives it one of the worst ratings of all airlines operating out of JFK. Give it a wide miss – always.

Incidentally, Zagat has a page full of hilarious comments on the subject of airlines (my personal favourite : Now I know what the cows felt like on the Chisholm Trail). 


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