Paraadise Maan..

As the clouds parted I saw heaven. And as I watched the twin peaks tower over a smoking valley right beside a tourquoise cove, Antony the Preacherman, Guide, Taxi-driver & itinerant philosopher called up the perfect-est rainbow in recorded history. The seduction was complete.

There probably is no point on earth more remote in mind, spirit and space from today’s India than St Lucia. In spite of its waddling tourists, in the quieter back-lanes of St Lucia I have, for the first time, found a place I would want to live in. And fresh lobsters, tropical blooms, incredibly relaxed people, the bluest ocean meeting the bluest sea and exotic racially-mixed women are not the only reasons to live there. Although for me, they do the trick well enough. Go there if you can. I will meet you soon at Tyrone’s bar in Soufriere.

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