Saigon vs Nanking

The Crab Shootouts have not produced a definite winner, although Saigon is ahead by a clear length. Ok – let me explain. Nanking on the 2nd floor of Sigma Mall, is the newest chinese restaurant in Bangalore; on Friday, Priya Bala the Time of India food critic wrote of the good crab dishes being produced by Baba Ling the owner. Since I am seriously working on my career as India’s leading “Crab epicure”, it was a remark that needed a response. So I hauled my wife & kids to Nanking over the weekend (not that I had any difficulty convincing them to go) to try Baba Ling’s Singapore Chilly Crab. Here is the verdict. The crab itself was absolutely wonderful. We got ourselves the largest crab with the most succulent meat I have ever had. Seems they fly in these live crabs every afternoon from Mumbai. As for the Singapore Chilly sauce, we thought Saigon (the pan-asian joint on Church Street) did a far more authentic job (our guess is that the dried-prawn powder is the key missing ingredient in Nanking). So, if you want to get the best Singapore Chilly Crab in Bangalore, take a King Crab from Nanking and get it done at Saigon.

While you are at it, if you need to know a bit more about these two cites, here are a couple of videos.

See modern Nanjing (Nanking) thorugh the eyes of a bunch of students

Also, check out this video showing the traffic in downtown Saigon


3 thoughts on “Saigon vs Nanking

  1. I think the crab at Nanking is delicate enough that chilli crab isn’t the best way to prepare it, and as much as I love Shiok, the best singapore chilli crab is only available at hawker stalls in singapore.

    So Ram, where else in Bangalore can one get good crab? I liked the crab and scallop risotto at I-T.alia but that isn’t primarily a crab dish.

  2. Try Saigon on Church Street off Brigade road. Oh, and my name is Hari & not Ram – although at a cosmological level they refer to the same God. So maybe it was a Divine slip (as distinct from the Freudian kind).

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