Travelocity India site is up..

The Travelocity India site is up. Rumour is that a formal launch is imminent. This marks the entry of the first major international Online Travel Agent into India. The most visible aspect is that the site does not have a flight booking option – maybe that is being integrated. The first impression of the site is positive.The Travelocity India site  sticks to the clean and very user-friendly look of The recent improvements on the site have been incorporated in the India site (such as the Slider and the Price Info Box on the hotel search result page). My guess is that a lot of international travel out of India will get booked on this site. One issue that I observed – after the first level of searching for the hotel, the prices lapse back into USD rates. Maybe this will be fixed before launch.

I am sure Indian OTAs will feel the heat. And with Expedia on its way, the consumer is getting really spoilt for choice.


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