Rajasthan hotels – an architectural heritage

Rajasthan is one of the most visited tourism destinations in India and consequently has a pretty varied range of hotel accommodation. Among the 545 Rajasthan hotels listed in HolidayIQ, there are 157 heritage properties.

The most popular one with HolidayIQ members is the Neemrana Fort Palace. With its close proximity Delhi, this hotel has the largest number of user reviews among all Rajasthan heritage hotels. To quickly recount the now familiar Neemrana story. A Delhi-based Frenchman along with a canny Delhi exporter buys a dilapidated old fort and sets out to recreate the romance of India’s past, bringing to life the Neemrana Fort Palace hotel and later the Neemrana chain of heritage hotels

Another notable heritage hotel in Rajasthan is Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur, where Liz Hurley & Arun Nayar got their marriage retinue to stay. But no list of Rajasthan’s heritage hotels is complete without the luxurious Devigarh Fort Palace Hotel in Udaipur. There are so many more wonderful heritage properties across the state – check out HolidayIQ to get the full list.

Rajasthan is probably unparalleled in the world for the extraordinary effectiveness with which it has used its architectural heritage to catapult itself as one of the premier international vacation destinations. The real drawback to visiting Rajasthan is the weather. The only reasonable time to go there is between Novembber 15th and Jan 15th, when the day-time temperature is pleasant.

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(Umaid Bhavan Palace, jodhpur : photo courtesy, HolidayIQ)



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