Homestays in Coorg

Did you know that the little area called Coorg on the border between Karnataka and Kerala (southern india) was a separate state? In 1950, with Indian independance, Coorg was made into a separate state. It lost this status and was merged into Karnataka in 1956. Kodavas, the inhabitants of Coorg are an interesting people. Speculation about their origin covers a wide range of options with some claiming that they are desendants of Greek soldiers who came with Alexander the Great and others saying that they are desendants of the peoples of Mohenjadaro. Whatever their origins, it is clear that they are a martial race, have good-looking women, spin tall yarns and make a mean pork-curry. Which four aspects make them an interesting people to home-stay with.

HolidayIQ has a fairly comprehensive list of “public” home stays in Coorg. Click here to get the full list of Coorg Home stay. You can also find all Coorg Hotels, Holiday Packages for Coorg, Coorg Photos, Coorg traveller reviews and Coorg maps.

Here is a photo of one of the homestay options in Coorg.


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19 thoughts on “Homestays in Coorg

  1. Hello! Pls. let me know the specific website (having contact details, tariff, accomm., photo gallery, route map, etc.) related to “Spring Dale Estate” homestay in Coorg…I searched Google but to no avail…It seems to be in a very beautiful location… The below link is of a third=party website and doesnt belong to the property owner(s)..however, it’s got photo gallery of the property…

    thank u
    sudhakar rao

  2. Why go through the experience of living in a homestay, which are often located in weird places, when tour operators like xxyyzz provide such competitive rates?

  3. ‘Weird places’ are a point of view. Oftentimes, these places are also called ‘wonderful, undiscovered, out-of-the-way places’. Actually it depends on how sophisticated a traveler one is. If you have been to most of the usual destinations & stayed in the run-of-the-mill hotels with ‘competitive rates’, you do look forward to a different experience, which is where home-stays should score. Of course, the truth is, like in the case of hotels & resorts, some Home-stays are great, some are not so great and some are seriously ugly. In all cases, whether hotels, resorts or home-stays, do check its ratings & reviews before travelling. In any case, all of us know that when travel agents start promising ‘competitive rates’ , you should get that suspicious look in your eyes.

  4. Home stays are great. Both the guest and the host get to know people,become friendlyas well as regular guests.Infact I run a homestay at madikeri”apnaghar” just 2kms away from the town.Ihave got to know people,ups and downs of running the homestay,yet it is exciting.

  5. hi..!!! im owning a home stay at madikeri..the HQ of Kodagu dist or Coorg…its walkable dist frm heart of the city.. v hav fully furnished rooms wid all facilities….do check it out wen u drop into coorg.. u can drop into Hotel Chitra at Madikeri 4 mre Queries

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  7. Hi everyone ,

    I just came back from Coorg , I have been traveling all across India this year and never have i come across a place like Coorg , what i really like is the place , i stayed in a homestay near the Kerala border called Kutta in a place called Sparkle and it was awesome . The least i can do for those amazing people is to put a good review for them somewhere ….Cheers

  8. wow wat a page design for Coorg tourism u get the best pictures which i din find ina ny other google pages…

    its nice one with map direction..amazing gallery yaar.. superb 🙂

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