Mauritius at Anahita : the second-home revolution in India

This morning I saw an Ad in Times of India. It was for the sale of exclusive holiday residences in Mauritius. If there is a better proof of the growing wealth in India, I cant think of any. Most of our parents toiled most of their lives to be able to afford a decent education for their kids, a minimum standard of living and one house. How things have changed. I now find all around me, many of those erstwhile middle-class kids have changed into fairly high-earning professionals & successful businessmen. And one trend that I find catching on is the rush for second homes and vacations homes. Not everyone can afford a second home in Mauritius (although I am constantly surpised at how many actually can). But nothing stops many of us from rooting for a getaway place near the cities we live in. I guess this is the beginning of the second-home revolution.


3 thoughts on “Mauritius at Anahita : the second-home revolution in India

  1. Oh yes, things have changed.
    But is wealth really growing so fast?

    Is it all ‘true’ wealth
    or is it borrowed?
    the new found wealth only in credits,
    buy today, pay tomorrow?

    Our parents worked hard and saved,
    for them it was work today, save today,
    for who knows what emergency tomorrow may bring.
    Not anymore…

    India is booming they say
    (minus Bengal – but that is another story)
    booming by embracing with open arms
    the credit culture of the west.

    Wealth doubled overnight.
    Wallets bulged not with banknotes but with plastics.
    Entries on bank statements not in black but red.
    Apartments, farm houses, flashy cars, designer clothes, foreign holidays
    you name it, we have it
    only for own selves, but heck why should we care for others?
    Living life as it should be lived, to the full.

    Yes India is shining,
    till pay-back day arrives
    but that will not be till after tomorrow.

  2. oops… to think i just sent hari a mail requesting for info for a holiday to singapore and malaysia that my son insisted on….
    in our days the only holidays we were allowed to ask for was the annual vacation to be with our grandparents in bombay….well i guess those were the days my friends..

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