5000 Indian hotels, resorts, guest-houses and home-stays

HolidayIQ has hit a big milestone. It now lists over 5000 hotels & other travel accommodation options across India. The diversity and range of accommodation options is increasing in India and this is a good opportunity to take stock.

With its focus on vacations, HolidayIQ lists a large variety of “pure holiday” acommodation options. In addition, there is a group of City Hotels listed (about 1500, which is 30% of the total) primarily in “gateway” cities which are cities used as transit points by tourists to get to the more remote areas of India.

Here are the fascinating details of the holiday accommodation options available to tourists across India.

The top states that offer accommodation options for tourists in India are below. These are the states that account for atleast 5% of the total stock of hotels in India.

1 – Rajasthan (10%)

2 – Kerala (10%)

3 – Maharashtra (10%)

4 – Uttaranchal (7%)

5 – Karnataka (6%)

6 – Himachal Pradesh (6%)

7 – Goa (6%)

8 – Tamil Nadu (5%)

Equally interesting is the type of accommodation available.

While there are almost  1000 accommodation options to enjoy a hill or a mountain stay across India, there are less than 400 options to stay near a beach. Maybe this mirrors the landmass pattern of India. My sense is that growing tourism in the penisular part of india (west, south, south-east), will lead to a disproportionate increase in the number of beach properties over the next few years.

For those looking for a romanctic brush with India’s history, options are fast increasing. There are now over 650 Culture and Heritage options (this includes hotels that are either in cultural destinations or properties with a distinct heritage offering) . If you are a “flashpacker“, look out for alternate accommodation options across India – such options covering home-stays, tented-camps and pure spa/health-based properties now account for almost 5% of all hotels.

There is a lot more. The hotels database on HolidayIQ combined with user reviews, ratings & photos is an invaluable treasure trove of  insight into India’s holidaying scenario. We are determined to ensure that all of this reaches all travel-lovers across india. Watch this space as we continue to release more information. Incidentally, if there is any enterprising market research firm out there who would be keen to work with us to mine this treasure, we can certainly talk.


3 thoughts on “5000 Indian hotels, resorts, guest-houses and home-stays

  1. indian hotels are the most overpriced ones in the globe.
    plus there is so much scarcity that even if you book a month in advance you do not get accomodation.

  2. Actually they are quite different. Makemytrip, Yatra etc are Online Travel Agents who sell various travel products primarily over the internet. HolidayIQ is an information website primarily formed out of a community of people. HolidayIQ tries to present an unbiased, objective and independant view on hotels, destinations and attractions gathered from actual travellers. HolidayIQ also provides users with options to find & compare holiday packages from across different suppliers (including online travel agents + a few offline travel agents). HolidayIQ itself does not have any products to sell and is not trying to push anything on to its users & members.

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