Music in the Paris Metro

(The haunting notes of a flute – World Music in the Paris Metro)

Paris is an awesome city, what with its riverside walks, its pavement artists, its cafes, the sight of matrons wheeling trolleys filled with early morning bread and all the elegantly dressed people. But to me, nothing so personifies the idea of Paris as the street musicians down in the Metro. I found out recently that the riches of music down under is no accident. Apparently the Paris metro goes through regular auditions and only those selected by a jury gets the certificate to perform – there are over 100 places on the metro network where these musicians are allowed to strut their stuff.

If you want to know a bit more of the street music scene in Paris, here is an article.


2 thoughts on “Music in the Paris Metro

  1. Some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard had a relatively foul-smelling and dingy Parisian metro walkway as its stage. One of the best reasons to switch trains often. I’ve been through quite a few European metro systems, and many have the musical entertainment, but I agree, none can match the charm of the Paris basements.

  2. +1.

    I just moved to Paris and musicians on the streets, trains and stinky metros are among the best (amateur musicians) I’ve heard. Just yesterday, there was a guy playing the guitar and singing ‘Let it Be’. Swoon.

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