The new world of Flashpackers

If you are relatively well-heeled, well-educated, well-travelled & looking for a unique travel experience that is not necessarily luxurious – welcome to the club. You are officially a “Flashpacker” although you probably do not know it yet. To know more about this phenomenon click here. If you are still unsure whether you are a flashpacker, here is a quiz question to help you decide. 

The bus doesn’t turn up and you’re trapped in an unfamiliar town. Do you …
a) check your Lonely Planet guidebook to see if any local hostels will accept friendship bracelets as payment.
b) rant at your travel operator, then draw up a list of people to sue.
c) walk your Mastercard straight to the front desk of the nearest Hilton.

If you chose answer “C”, it is a confirmation. If you still need more proof, you can take the entire quiz by clicking here.

This is particualrly interesting to me, since this is actually the way I have travelled over the last decade or so and have often struggled with trying to define it. In a world where globalisation is lifting huge masses of people to the prosperity of yuppie-dom, backpacking is giving way to flashpacking. Is this is the death-knell for Lonely Planet, the ultimate backpacker’s tool?


One thought on “The new world of Flashpackers

  1. New information website for flashpackers visiting AUSTRALIA and SOUTH EAST ASIA. Low cost carriers TIGER AIRWAYS, AIR ASIA, FIREFLYZ are up and away. Good clean and wellpriced accommodation is being listed,adventure and general tours are identified. The new market for up market backpackers{no need for sleeping bags or backpacks] is growing fast

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