Poor Dundee

(Here is a video that trumpets Dundee’s new positioning)

Poor Dundee. This grey city is an unfortunate example of the worst of the 1960s..” starts the introduction by Lonely Planet to the Scottish city of Dundee. I lived in Dundee for about 3 months in the year 2000, while on a sabbatical from work. I can tell you this – Lonely Planet is wrong about Dundee. Yes, it is a small city with a high concentration of 60s style modernism (although I must confess to having a mild, masochistic fondness for that kind of stuff). It is also a place :

with two universities with lots of international students giving it an incomparable, youthful cosmopolitanism

on the river Tay. Cycle along its banks across the serene parts of Dundee and cross the bridge into Fife for a true Scotland moment

north of Moscow, but with no snow. Coming as I do from half an inch above the equator, the light of this really northern place was something I had no conception of before.

I had a good 3 months in Dundee. I was supposed to get myself educated in the nuances of international law while there. That, of course, never happened.

Here is a map of Dundee.


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