Travel TV for India?

It was sometime in 1996 or 1997 that I got an opportunity to anchor Television shows on ABN India (TV18’s pre-cursor to CNBC). It was early days for TV 18 and Raghav Bahl was game to try out a part-timer to anchor shows. The primary lesson I learned then was that News TV was all about creating controversy. I remember Paranjoy tearing his hair out to ensure that he got two appropriate guests for his daily show – the big criterion being that the probability of a fight or at least a heated debate between them should be high!

All this passes through my mind whenever I think of creating a Travel TV outfit – which these days, is often. I think Travel TV is a definite opportunity in India. Here is why.

In the next decade, Indians travelling, specially on leisure travel will be a determining driver of world travel. Between the Indians & Chinese, leisure travel will take on a definite oriental flavour. In that world, who will “inspire” the Indian traveler. Enter IndTrav TV, India’s dominant Travel TV organisation.

IndTrav TV does not exist. However by 2012, I can bet my bottom dollar some avatar of IndTrav TV will be enticing large numbers of Indian leisure travellers, over television (probably interactive television), to the pleasures of world-wide wandering. A notable feature of IndTrav TV will be that it will be a support channel to the primary one, which will be, India’s largest holiday information website. I hope will be the real name of


3 thoughts on “Travel TV for India?

  1. There is a TV channel that comes on my tv in which the Whirlpool lady (Amrita Saluja) is an anchor that is called something like “Travel”. I am not sure of this though.

  2. I agree Travel TV is a great opportunity for the average joe/josephine to see for him/herself what this world is all about. I admit my wife and me are fascinated with these programs and never miss an opportunity to watch them..of course most times we promise ourselves that we will make it to that particular destination someday…..

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