Vasco da gama

Da Gama’s voyage to India

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Vasco da gama, the famous Portuguese explorer set sail from Lisbon on 8th July 1497 to find a sea route to the fabled spice markets of the Orient. On 20th May 1498, after rounding Africa’s Cape of Good Hope and visiting a few ports in Africa, Da Gama set foot on Kappad Beach, near Calicut (now, Kozhikode in North Kerala), the famous city of ancient Malabar and the center of antiquity’s pepper trade.

I went to Kappad beach over this weekend. Unfortunately, there is only a very sad-looking concrete marker (a kind of mini obelisk) to commemorate a pretty important event in the evolution of mankind’s maritime prowess. But nothing can take away the sense of history as you stand on the beach and imagine a Portuguese galleon with sails billowing, in the waters off Kappad.

Pursuing the romance of history is one of strongest reasons to wander and I consider myself quite lucky in this regard.

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