Olaulim village, Goa


Olaulim village is not one of the touristy villages in Goa – thank god for that. I had the good fortune to stay for a night at one of the more interesting households in the country, set in little Olaulim village. Savio, the head of the house is a Goan who finally “settled down” (after wandering the world as a tour guide, hotelier, scuba diving instructor etc). His graceful wife Pirkko, moved to Goa from, hold your breath!, Finland. Along with their little son Manuel (calm, artisty gent) and even smaller daugher Shameena (boisterous, bossy & adorable) they have created a warm and loving home that was a pleasure to stay in. Giving much needed activity to the 3 acre, waterfront plot they set their house in (see video below), is the veritable menagerie of pets they have. Here is the census :

3 dogs – Masti, Manali and Mango (all sleek, large and fast)

1 pony – Caio (see photo above of Caio on one of his regular attempts to break in to the house)

1 cat – Kisu (sleepy)

1 rooster – Henry (your know how roosters are!)

3 hens – Henrietta 1, Henrietta 2, Henrietta 3 (and you know how hens are…)

In Olaulim, I also bummed a beer off Kaushik, the reclusive product designer who escaped the clutches of India’s big cities and met Mrs Pinto who gave me a tour of an old Goa home.

To everyone at Olaulim, here is a thank you.

(Here is another grainy video – this time, a pan across the grounds of the Savio household)

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6 thoughts on “Olaulim village, Goa

  1. the pic looks almost surreal… “the horse in the window” .. 🙂
    i have the same outlook as you on tourism.. and i love goa..
    i have been there once.. and tomorrow i m leaving for a week there.

    any tips, suggestions , advice.. ?

  2. Hi Kaa – welcome to my blog.

    Ok – here is tip of the day: Prawns masala fry (goan style) and Budweiser eight times a day without fail induces the mood to ‘see’ Goa. It needs 24 hours to set in. Good thing you have a week.

  3. HI Ria – welcome to my blog.

    Nope. Savio & Pirkko live there. they do have plans to set up a few cosy rooms as an annex/guesthouse to their house for ‘friends-of-friends’ and as soon as that is up, this blog will let you know.

  4. Hi Hari,

    Thanks for the great content abt Goa your blog. I belong to Goa and currently in US and thinking of returning to my home land for good. Life is always full of enthhu and charm when you are at the native. You seem to have seen the world and also met a lot of people. What would you suggest me as a start up business in Goa?


  5. we stayed a few days at the new cabins,they are wonderful rustic extensions to the family home, such a peaceful location for a real local goan experience. the family are very welcoming,the menagerie of pets are part of the family, and the delightful children entertained us with their antics, we will go back again to chill out when next in goa,…such hospitality we would recommend this to anyone wanting a truly different side to goa

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