Cabin crew

Here is my take on cabin crew in various airlines in India. I have recently flown Jet, Kingfisher, Indian and Spicejet – so these are the data points. Jet Airways clearly has the best cabin crew. Many years ago when Jet had just started, I recollect thinking that Indian Airlines had far superior cabin crew (poised & professional) and the Jet crew came across as kids. The wheel has turned a full circle. The Indian airlines crew looks like a jaded & tired lot now. Jet airways on the other hand has a crew that has matured into poised & competent professionals over one decade or more of experience. For a new airline, Kingfisher seems to have trained it cabin crew well, although the lack of overall expereince shows sometimes. SpiceJet seemed to have kids with more hair-gel than poise.


One thought on “Cabin crew

  1. U have left out the cabin crew (Crew??) of Air Deccan!
    A lone pathetic female trying her best to grapple with the demands of passengers for water and the like on a flight from Mumbai to Baroda a few days ago !
    Then she runs to the front of the aircraft, faces the passengers and shouts out the safety instuctions (at jet speed) with the loud drone of the props drowning her voice so completely, a more pitiable sight I haven’t seen.
    The poor waif just shammed and shouted her way thru it at jet speed (dont forget this charade requires 2 crew members – 1 to shout the instructions into the mike and 1 to carry out the dumb charade in front of passengers).
    But with low cost airlines having to cut corners, pretty soon we wud be told to carry our own head fones to listen to the safety instructions as the flight takes off.
    “Excuse me…did she say Safety Instructions???”

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