All at sea

Cruise ships are passe; they are fast giving way to “private communities at sea”. Big ships that offer apartments for sale are all the rage among well-heeled pensioners across the western hemisphere. is advertising a ship that offers two and three bedroom apartments from 1000 sq ft to 3200 sq ft. All this floating luxury comes at a price – purchase prices start at Rs 3.20 crores. Why should you buy an apartment and live on one of these ships? Ok here is what they say – ” This Luxury Vessel hosts the only private community at sea where a refined atmosphere is the setting for resident owners who enjoy a lifestyle of adventure and discriminating luxury”. More to the point, this ship will be on a constant world-wide itinerary that will, on an average, cover 5 continents, 50 countries and over 130 ports every year. Clearly, if you are a madcap traveller, this sure beats weekend getaways. oh, and one other thing. After paying for the apartment, you will also need to shell out Rs 40 lakhs upwards every year as ‘annual fees”.


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