Tourism & Web 2.0

Google “web 2.0” and you will get 438 million results. So it is big news, but what is it? This blog is part of web 2.0. So is every other blog, disucssion forum and any site where ordinary users add content. For the first time, we now have a medium – the internet – that allows you & me and my great-grandmother (god bless her soul) to write & publish whatever we feel like. This phenomenon is called Web 2.0.

Travel & tourism has seen an enormous outpouring of user content. Increasingly, the received wisdom is that Travel websites will primarily be Web 2.0 products. It was this idea that we harnessed to set up HolidayIQ, which is India’s first online travel & holiday community.

Some commentators moan that web 2.0 will almost entirely wipe out traditional travel websites. While I love the power of web 2.0 and have seen the success of HolidayIQ, I would not quite write the obit for “expert” content in Travel. In fact, in HolidayIQ there is a lot of work being done to add content from Travel experts; a soon-to-debut Experts’ Blog is the first step in that direction.


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