7 Wonders of the World

Remember the list of wonders you learnt as a child in school? Well, the list is about to change. Some of the wonders you knew will get pluto-ed. Others will climb in. All this is being done by a guy called Bernard Weber, a self-confessed film-maker, Art Curator, Aviator and Adventurer. In keeping with the spirit of the times, this is being done by popular vote over the internet or telephone.

I always thought such weighty matters were best decided by white-haired boffins peering short-sightedly over ancient manuscripts. At first blush, it seems strange that extraordinary beauties like the Angkor Vat and Taj Mahal have to win popular votes (like ma Shetty) to have their place in the sun. On second thoughts, I think it is a good idea. My experience with HolidayIQ suggests to me that popular voting, in a world of ubiquotous connectivity, can throw up fairly accurate results. Surowiecki’s thesis on the Wisdom of Crowds is pretty interesting and worth a read for all of us interested in this subject.





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