Travels With Charley

My favourit-est travel book. A 60 year old John Steinbeck shrugs off his nobel-prize fame, gets into a custom-built camper van and along with his companion a french poodle called Charley drives thousands of miles to “re-discover” America. This book is written by a mellow, reflective Steinbeck – a far cry from the passion of Grapes of Wrath. If you love travel and have a mildly philosophical orientation, this is a great read. If you want to discover the cadence and lilt of poetry in prose, then this is an absolute must

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3 thoughts on “Travels With Charley

  1. I think Steinbeck was actually 58 when he took the trip, 60 when the book came out. I’m interested in the distinction because I’m on the same schedule — I turned 58 last year and began my own trip around the country on Valentines Day.

    I’ll be on the road for 12 months and, unlike Steinbeck, I’ll spend quite a bit of time in Canada. I may not end up writing a book, and even if I do I can’t write anything like the master; but I’m keeping an online record of my trip on the website and I hope folks will drop by for a look.

  2. Hey Dave – Just saw the route you have planned out. Interesting to see that it has a big section across the outer edges of the US. In a way, I am reminded of Paul Theroux’s Kingdom by the Sea where he wanders around the coast of England.

    I come from the state of Kerala, a place that is on the outer edge of the Indian sub-continent, facing the Arabian Sea. I find that “people-on-the- edge” have a different sense of things from those who inhabit the middle areas of a large landmass. It would be interesting to see whether you see such a difference during your trip.

    Here is wishing you the very best. I for one will check back often on your trip.

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