Himalayan Ski Village

Alfred Ford, the great-grandson of Henry Ford is promting an international quality ski resort set on 115 acres in Kullu valley. It will have 700 hotel rooms, various restaurants, a 20,000 sq ft convention facility, a tony spa etc. The first rooms will be open from 2009. I am definitely looking forward to this.


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3 thoughts on “Himalayan Ski Village

  1. it is a very good step taken by himachal govt
    it will not only make the new standard of tourism in himachal but also create new job oppertunity to rural places over there

  2. HSV can do wonders in Himachal Pradesh tourism and winter sports.Politicization of this project is never going to help any one niether the company nor the Himachal govt.H.P. govt should make things easier for the company so that every one is benifited by completion of this much awaited project.I hope this project makes the name of kullu valley in world of tourism….

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