Voyages TV

There is a Travel tv channel that is due to hit India soon. Voyages TV, is owned by Television Voyages of Hong Kong (these guys also run a german travel channel in partnership with giant tour operator TUI) has set up shop in Mumbai. It is supposed to be an interactive travel shopping channel backed by a call-centre.

Voyages TV


9 thoughts on “Voyages TV

  1. Hi,

    This is Archana Looking for an opportunity with the team of Voyage TV In Mumbai… i am interested to apply for anchoring post.

    well, could you please guide me as to whom to approach in the Mumbai Branch


  2. Hi Archana. I, too, am interested in working for Voyages. But can’t find any office no. put up anywhere except 022 – 24234700 which is not a valid number, acc to the operator! Did you get any direct number to call on? Pls do let me know if anything worked out with you.

  3. ok guys, you made me do the hard work. I googled up Voyages Television for you and here is the contact info

    Their Mumbai office is :

    Voyages Mumbai
    Voyages Entertainment Private Limited
    406, 4th Floor, Palm Springs,
    Malad Link Road,
    Worli, Mumbai, 400 064
    Tel +91 22 2880 6565
    Fax: +91 22 2880 6300

    Just so you wouldn’t complain – 🙂 – I actually dialed the number and got a funny-accent taped message saying I have reached “Voyaaaajzhe” TV. Must be the place you guys are looking for.

    All the best.

  4. Hi

    I used to watch voyage TV your travell pachages are wonderfull I would like to be your partner in Pakistan. Pls let me know the criteria. Best Regards

  5. Could anybody please furnish some tangible details about that channel such as
    a) An actual website one could refer to
    b) A lsiting of their programs
    c) Some way to reach an actual person in there.
    I would be really greatful to anyone who could mail these details to me 🙂

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