The Long Hol

It was the early nineties and I was in the first throes of the rat race. A smart-aleck (surprisingly an IIT, IIM type) watching me beavering away remarked that life is a marathon and you dont have to finish everything this afternoon. Somehow that stuck in my mind and I am now convinced that if you play for the long-haul everything is fun – even the disappointments. Have been working on the thought ever since with one refinement. If you get it right and the long-haul is fun, then the spelling needs to change. So, here are my ruminations on everything. And I call it Long-hol (yes, you guessed it – for “holidays”).


3 thoughts on “The Long Hol

  1. quite honestly, hari, no offence meant but i seriously thought long hol was the mallu (and i dare say gujju) pronunciation ….

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