A glass-topped train from Mumbai to Goa?

Here is a tourism business idea – this idea comes courtesy Naresh Malhotra, MD of Cafe Coffee Day who has as fertile a project ideation mind as any I have come across. Why doesnt somebody start a bespoke train service from Mumbai to Goa and back. The idea will be to get a few glass topped aircon coaches (such as the ones in Switzerland), attach them to the regular train that runs between Mumbai & Goa. The timings should be re-arranged to reach Goa by mid-day and return from Goa at about 3 pm and reaching Mumbai late in the evening. The ticket price should include 2 meals, accommodation in a select set of hotels and sight-seeing. I have been doing a fair bit of thinking on this and would look forward to more ideation on this. With the railways gettng gung-ho about PPP and Goa continuing to be a red-hot destination for Indians, the time is now for such a project.

Here is a link for inspiration



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